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Mobile Diesel Solutions

Atlanta's Powerstroke Injector Specialist

Specialized Tunes

Specialized Tunes for your 7.3, 6.0,and 6.4

We will come to you and put a computer tune on your truck to increase power and fuel economy. This is a specialized tuning for your specific truck that is much different and more effective than hand held tuners you can purchase at your local auto parts store to just simply flash your PCM. This WILL increase your fuel mileage and the extra power is nice too. Also if your transmission is not shifting the way you want we can program your shift points (7.3 only). There is no extra charge for this shift point service. This could help prolong the life of your transmission.

Tuning Fee- 7.3 and 6.0 $295       6.4 is $550

If you are further than 30 miles from 30316 then we will have to charge a little more. This is much cheaper and more effective than the "over the counter" tuners you get at your local auto parts store.

Schedule an Appointment Today!678-824-4440

Most of our tuning customers are fleet owners of 2 to 25 trucks/vans. The fuel savings dramatically decrease your monthly fuel bill.

We are adding the Cummins and Duramax to our list of available tunes this fall. Be sure to check back here for pricing!