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Mobile Diesel Solutions

Atlanta's Powerstroke Injector Specialist

Powerstroke Injectors

#1 in Atlanta for Powerstroke Injectors!

We have been supplying Atlanta and local Atlanta diesel shops with injectors for 7 years now. We have maintained 100% satisfaction from all customers and dealers who use our injectors. If you own your own shop and would like to become a supplier of our injectors please email us at [email protected] . We will send you an application.

Replacing Injectors

If your truck needs injectors and we are hired to install them we will either provide injectors for you or make recommendations on which companies we trust for quality injectors. There are lots of companies out there offering rebuilt injectors. They ARE NOT ALL THE SAME QUALITY!!!!!! Beware, most have great customer service and will send you a replacement but you have to pay or perform the labor again while your truck is down another 4 days waiting on the replacement injector. Just because you can find a set that cost $200 less on the Internet does not mean you are going to save $200 in the long run. We believe in doing the job once and only once. That's why we only install injectors that come from trusted suppliers.

We DO NOT use "Internet Injectors"

Schedule an Appointment Today! 678-824-4440

Upgrading Injectors

Thinking about upgrading your injectors to performance injectors? Who hasn't!?!?

Give us a call and we will discus your options and prices. Upgrading your injectors will require a specialized tune in order to see the full potential and efficiency.

Schedule an Appointment Today! 678-824-4440