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Mobile Diesel Solutions

Atlanta's Powerstroke Injector Specialist

Diagnostics and Repairs

If you have a Powerstroke Diesel that needs some attention and you don't want to spend dealership repair cost then give us a call. We charge $125 to diagnose your truck. We do not simply plug in a computer and replace things blindly because a code showed up. We will spend 30 min or so with your truck to find the actual problem. If we work out an agreement to fix the truck then $50 of your diagnostic fee will be credited back to you.

Most of the trucks we diagnose are trucks that people have already tried 2 or 3 (sometimes more) parts for their truck "hoping" that the part will fix it. These parts that you "throw" at your truck are very expensive and usually cost much more than finding out what is actually wrong. If you have said these words "I think this is gonna work" and then it didn't, you have probably already spent more than our fee would've been. Give us a call before you buy another part you don't need.

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After diagnosing your problem one of our techs will explain the problem to you in full. At that point you are free to accept our quote for repair or do the repair yourself. Seriously, We don't mind if you do it yourself! We will even give you some pointers on doing the job right the first time. Most mechanic services will not do this for you.

Some problems are more serious and can't be found in 30 minutes (i.e. electrical shorts). In these cases you will given a quote from our tech to continue or you can continue yourself with the new found information our tech can provide you with. This can save you tons of time and money after you are pointed in the right direction of where the problem is. We understand that you may not have the budget to pay us to do the entire job. That's why we offer this service and empower our customers with knowledge to repair.

Extra Info;

Ford Powerstroke Diesels only years 1994 and a half thru current, Trucks, Vans, Excursions, buses. F250,F350,F450, F550, E350, E450, T444e, DT466, 6.0, 7.3, 6.4, 6.7

Schedule an Appointment Today! 678-824-4440


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